Marketing Team

We support the Plone community's internal communications and we help promote Plone to the outside world.


This team has dual responsibilities: to ensure communication (awareness) within the Plone community of activity and news, and to assist in marketing Plone to the outside world.


  • on
    • posting news items
    • posting events
  • publishing on social networks:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Mastodon
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • general marketing assistance
  • grooming content
  • event promotion
  • presence in the forum, Slack, Discord, Stack Overflow, Community Forum
  • announcements (e.g. releases & hotfixes)



Have contributed in the past

  • Stefania Trabucchi
  • Armin Stroß-Radschinski
  • Carol Ganz
  • Paul Roeland
  • Christine Baumgartner


The team meets biweekly via videoconference. Between meetings, we use a planning document that tracks our to-do items and issues to discuss and solve.