3-6 Month Marketing Action Plan, July 2009

Adopted by PF Board of Directors, July 23, 2009

1) Roll out event promotion plan for Plone    - Logo & branding guidelines    - Development of a mascot    - Plone Event targets    - Plone Conference Kit    - Plone Reimbursement Rules    - Create Plone marketing repository2) Promote case studies    - Move plone.net case studies + media mentions to plone.org    - Create a ‚Featured Case Studies designation for very complete studies for use at conferences and other evangelism engagements    - Allow any Plone consulting organization to post their own case studies on plone.org    - Put together continuous slideshow of Plone case studies for conferences3) Coordinate and improve communication efforts    - Put together short term Communication plan, agree on it, and follow plan    - Ramp up continuous postings of Plone news to the Plone.org website       * Recruit and empower an editorial team lead by the marketing group       * Widely publicize who the editorial team is, and how to submit ideas       * Company news is OK, since we make it more neutral and relevant    - Create a plan and schedule to keep front page event banners always up to date and never feature old events    - Create and continue monthly "This Month in Plone" posting    - Create and internalize guidance on good interactions practice when responding to blog and mailing list posts       * 2 page document providing guidance and best communications practice       * Monitor interactions on mailing groups and forums and provide feedback for a 30 day period    4) Put together social media plan and begin to consistently message through them    - Create Plone RSS feed (discuss how this works versus working with Planet Plone to provide)5) Develop feature comparisons    - Put together CMS Comparisons (work with individual contributors like Matt Bowen, Ken Wasetis),       * Main priorities - Sharepoint, Drupal, Alfresco       * Explicitly not: Joomla, Wordpress, Typo3    - Communicate on feature comparisons       * we want to be the #1 hit for any query like "Plone vs Drupal" and "Drupal comparison" http://plone.org/vs/drupal       * For some companies, open source is what they use to make customers feel more comfortable about lock-in (Alfresco)