Plone Foundation Announces Kudo Bounty Program

We've been working on a variety of options for both marketing and improving Plone and have come up with one that addresses one of the biggest concerns in the Plone community - the need for good opportunities to thank and encourage contributors to the success of Plone

The Plone Foundation recently approved a new effort we're calling the Kudo Bounty program.  Its a way that folks in the community can take on tasks that are critical to the success of Plone and receive recognition for their work in the form of a front page logo ad on

Example of how organization logos will appear on the homepage:


In a nutshell, the Plone Foundation Board, Framework Team, and Communications Team, with input from users and developers, will identify a set of high value tasks which are holding Plone or a Plone release back.  Realize these don't have to be all programming tasks - they will also include important documentation, creating, editing or cleaning up sections of, building new content types, theming, design, marketing, etc. in addition to writing core code and updating/creating widely used and oft-requested products. The key aspect of these tasks will be that they are holding up Plone, AND that they are tasks which have gone undone for some time.

 Once the board has defined the tasks of greatest importance, we will put them into TRAC on the site and invite companies, groups or individuals to sign up to resolve them.

 You can see there current list of tasks here.

 If you see a task you are interested getting started on immediately, you can assign it to yourself in TRAC.  We ask that you include a note explaining what you will be doing, as well as a timeline for when you can have the work done.  Since time is a critical aspect of completing most of these tasks, we ask you to put thought into this and not take on a task you can't start on immediately, since that potentially blocks someone else from doing it.

 The Bounty Program comes with a short series of rules to ensure fair play:

  1.  There should be only one mission per organization or individual per month.
  2. Trac tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Once a Trac ticket has been assigned to someone, it can’t be reassigned to someone else other than the ticket creator.  If you take on a ticket, then realize you won’t be able to complete it by the deadline, you should let us know immediately so it can be made available to someone else.
  4. Logo ads will only be validated if quality work corresponding to the description of the Bounty Mission is delivered on time and accepted by the originator of the ticket.
  5. Organizations/individuals who don’t finish the work in the timeframe they agreed to will be excluded from the program for 12 months.

Once the issue has been resolved with and the responsible advocate for the issue signs off on its completion, the company, school, individual or group will have their logo appear on the bottom of for one calendar month thanking them for their contribution with a click-through link to their site. Based on the traffic receives, this is a reward with significant tangible value that potentially puts your company in front of thousands of potential customers as well as the Plone community.

 The logos will be switched on the first day of each month, starting on April 1st, 2011 - new logos will not be added or deleted except on that timetable (i.e. no logos will be added or deleted mid-month.)

 We think this is a straightforward way to encourage folks to take on tasks that may otherwise be unappealing, it provides a direct link between work and reward, and serves the additional purpose of showcasing the sheer volume of companies and individuals involved with Plone. It is our hope it will help folks who justify the time and effort spent in order to get their organization featured and recognized.

 We welcome you to propose tasks which you think would be appropriate to this program by emailing the Communications Team (