A/B content serving

T. Kim Nguyen


A/B content serving

Provide a mechanism to allow Plone to serve alternative content to users, depending on specified rules.

It can be useful to serve different content to different website visitors. For example, you may wish to test the effectiveness of different messages, so you would serve one of two different landing pages randomly to website visitors and measure which landing page resulted in more clicks of a call to action. In a university setting, this could be done by serving two different home pages and seeing which one results in more clicks of the Register Now button (present on both versions of the home page). This will require a way of allowing content editors to provide: - one or more alternative versions of the same page and labeling them so they can be distinguished - a way of deciding which version of the page to serve (this will require capturing and possibly retaining some information about the visitor and returning visitors) - recording the number of times each alternative version was served, along with date, time, and visitor information or internal "tracking ID" - displaying a report - allowing a reset of reported information

Give Plone a viable feature set for measurably and incrementally improving the effectiveness of the content it serves

T. Kim Nguyen <nguyen@plone.org> (stakeholder)