AureliaJS SDK/UI

Maik Derstappen

AureliaJS SDK/UI

Building a Aurelia SDK with ready to use components for Plone Rest-API. As navigation, breadcrumb, toolbar menus and so on. Following the idea of the existing Angular SDK for Plone. The components should make it possible to implement the Pastanaga UI as well as being flexible enought to have other layouts.

Aurelia is realy easy to learn and use Javascript framework wich combines good conventions with standard conform ES6 or Typescript support. It give the developer the freedom to choose between ES6 and TypeScript for there applications. With it's great conventions, it removes a lot of the boring configuration boilerplate and extensivly imports, other framewors need. That gives peace to the developers mind, to focus on the real project ideas and simply makes building app's fun again. The Plone Rest-API is a lightweight, well documented and powerful API, which is fun to build apps for.

A basic Aurelia SDK for Plone Rest-API, with the most important components and services, to have an easy start on buildung Aurelia based app's with Plone as a backend.

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