Sitewide search & replace

Paul Roeland

Sitewide search & replace

For larger websites, it can be hard to find, and especially edit, all occurrences of a specific word or term. A tool that can do this site-wide, preferably using regular expressions or at least wildcards, would be extremely useful. This, on the other hand, is also a powerful tool that can be dangerous, so it should probably be restricted to site administrators and be only accessible via the site management screens. One other option would be to build a tool that does this 'outside' of Plone, and uses RestAPI to achieve the same goals.

An earlier implementation was created as rt.bulkmodify. The readme at still defines pretty much complete what the usecases are. But of course these days there can probably be better ways of making sure that Dexterity content types are accessed, using plone.api, and with a nicer JavaScript screen. Maybe using plone.api one could theoretically address both AT and Dexterity content types, but I would start "fresh" and just assume only dexterity types exist. Other options of course could be a solution fully "outside" of Plone: a self-contained app that uses Restapi to go through all the content and to the desired search & replace functionality. That could be written in React, Angular.

A releasable product that can be installed on a new (5.2) site, Python 2/3 compatible (if achieved as Plone add-on) A self-contained tool that can do search& replace on an existing Plone site using restapi credentials (if achieved using JavaScript and restapi/graphql)

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