Plone 5.2

There may be hotfixes applicable to this release. Always check the Plone Hotfix page before production deployment.

Release notes

Date released2019-07-19
Release managerEric Steele

Linux/BSD/Unix users: Use the Unified Installer. It is a configuration and setup kit with build scripts.

Windows 10 users: use the Unified Installer. See Windows-specific installation instructions. (Not currently working. Watch for Windows 10 support in a bug-fix release.)

OS X users: use the Vagrant kit or install XCode command-line tools and use the Unified Installer.

Automated provisioning: See Plone's Ansible Playbook for a full-stack installation kit.

Changes and additions in Plone 5.2 include the following:

Plone 5.2 for End Users

  • Easier and faster navigation: new, default dropdown menus with mobile first styling, efficient caching, and configurable navigation start path and depth
  • Configurable redirects (customizable URLs pointing to existing site content) and management of automatic redirects to relocated or renamed content 

Plone 5.2 for Server Administrators

Plone 5.2 for Developers

For the Plone 5.2 upgrade guide, see



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