Plone 6.0.0rc1

There may be hotfixes applicable to this release. Always check the Plone Hotfix page before production deployment.

Release notes

Date released2022-11-18
Release managerEric Steele

The first release candidate of Plone 6 is ready! Release Manager for this version is Maurits van Rees (despite the automated text above).

For technical wizards who want to jump straight in, here are two important links:


Major changes since 6.0.0b3:

  • Various packages: updates to support Python 3.11. See below.

  • Zope 5.7: This feature release adds full support for Python 3.11 and a ZPublisher encoder for inputting JSON data.
    See the Zope changelog for details.

  • zc.buildout: After long development this has a final release. We use version 3.0.1, which now works nicely with latest pip (using 22.3.1).
    Note that it is usually fine if you use different versions of zc.buildout, pip, setuptools, and wheel. We just pin versions that we know work at the moment.

  • plone.restapi:

    • Added @upgrade endpoint to preview or run an upgrade of a Plone instance.

    • Added @rules endpoint with GET/POST/DELETE/PATCH.

    • Added link integrity support for slate blocks.

  • plone.scale: Add support for animated GIFs.

Volto frontend

The default frontend for Plone 6 is Volto. Latest release is 16.0.0-rc.1.
See the changelog.

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.

Python 3.11.0 was released in October and we are proud to already be able to say Plone supports it! All tests pass.
This is expected to be faster than other Python versions.
Note that not all add-ons may work yet on 3.11, but in most cases the needed changes should be small.

A big thank you for this goes to the Zope part of the Plone community, especially Jens Vagelpohl and Michael Howitz.
The trickiest parts of the fixes for 3.11 were needed on the Zope level, for example RestrictedPython and packages with C code.

A word of warning: Plone on 3.11 should work fine on Linux, but you may have trouble installing it on Windows and Mac.
Forgive me for using some technical terms here.
The problem is Python packages that have C code. Not all these packages may have "wheels" (a Python distribution file) available for your operating system and architecture.

  • On Windows you may not be able to install the lxml dependency. A new 4.9.2 release should fix this.

  • On Mac, a package may have a wheel for the Intel architecture and not for ARM, or the other way around, or your Mac may need an unavailable "universal2" wheel.

In all cases, if you have the right compilers and other development tools available, then you should be able to get it working on Windows and Mac, but this can be tricky. If you don't want to spend hours, you may want to wait a bit.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.
This documentation is under development, but this should get you up and running. No worries.



Zope: 5.6 → 5.7

See the Zope changelog.

pip: 22.1.2 → 22.3.1

setuptools: 65.4.1 → 65.5.1

wheel: 0.37.1 → 0.38.4

zc.buildout: 3.0.0rc3 → 3.0.1

borg.localrole: 3.1.8 → 3.1.9

Bug fixes:

  • Add PEP 508 style requirements to not depend on Zope2 in Python 3. [jensens] (#12)

diazo: 1.4.2 → 1.5.0

New features:

  • Remove dependency on future package. [petschki] (#85)

Plone: 6.0.0b3 → 6.0.0rc1

Bug fixes:

  • Release 6.0.0rc1. [maurits]

plone.api: 2.0.0b3 → 2.0.0b4

Bug fixes:

  • Trigger a new deploy of core Plone documentation when plone.api documentation is updated. [esteele] (#496) 4.0.0b2 → 4.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • Redirect to /view after publishing File or Image when they have a workflow. [maurits] (#3676)
  • Fix cancel button on @@select_default_view [sverbois] (#256) 3.0.0b2 → 3.0.0b3

Bug fixes: 6.0.7 → 6.0.8

  • Update italian translations. [pnicolly, ale-rt, yury]
  • Update german translations. [DravenTheRaven, davisable, pbauer, jensens]
  • Update links. [Arhell] 3.0.0b1 → 3.0.0b2

Bug fixes:

  • Fix admin password in tests. [davisagli] (#35) 7.0.0b1 → 7.0.0b2

Bug fixes:

  • Restore the previously used admin password for tests ("secret") [davisagli] (#79) 5.0.0b1 → 5.0.0b2

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for tinymce-styles-css when copying theme. [petschki] (#214) 3.0.0b5 → 3.0.0rc1

Bug fixes:

  • Added upgrade to 6009, Plone 6.0.0rc1. (#6009) 2.2.0 → 2.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • Process the catalog queue before looking up in the catalog [ale-rt] (#15)

plone.browserlayer: 2.2.4 → 3.0.0

Breaking changes:

  • Drop support for Plone 5 and Python 2. [maurits] (#600)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix 'KeyError: file' in browser tests on Python 3.11. [maurits] (#3663)

plone.memoize: 2.1.1 → 3.0.0

Breaking changes:

  • Drop support for Python 3.5 and 3.6. Add support for Python 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11. [davisagli] (#27)

plone.restapi: 8.30.0 → 8.32.2

New features:

  • Add @upgrade endpoint to preview or run an upgrade of a Plone instance [ericof] (#1525)
  • Added @rules endpoint with GET/POST/DELETE/PATCH [valipod] (#1397)
  • Add link integrity support for slate blocks [sneridagh] (#1522)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix AttributeError for REQUEST in linkintegrity when pasting nested content. [maurits] (#1536)
  • Fix time to be returned with a timezone specifier in history endpoint [reebalazs] (#1530)
  • Added url field to Actions (#817)
  • Update statictime tests following changes to p.a.disucssion (see - [instification] (#1520)
  • Update @portrait endpoint to use sanitized user id [instification] (#1524)
  • Merge glossary terms into main plone/documentation. [stevepiercy] (#1508)
  • Fix linkintegrity documentation, add missing a response file, and use MyST syntax. [stevepiercy] (#1509)
  • Add Matomo Analytics, Remove Google Analytics. [stevepiercy] (#1518)
  • Trigger a new deploy core Plone documentation when Volto documentation is updated [esteele] (#1519)

plone.scale: 4.0.0b4 → 4.0.0b5

New features:

  • Add support for animated GIFs @reebalazs (#69)

plone.staticresources: 2.0.0b8 → 2.0.1

New features:

  • Upgrade Mockup to 5.0.0-alpha.26. [thet] (#251)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing upgrade step. [petschki] (#0)
  • Update mockup -> 5.0.0-alpha.27, Bootstrap Icons -> 1.10.0 [petschki] (#254)
  • Update mockup -> 5.0.0-beta.2 [petschki] (#255)

Products.CMFPlone: 6.0.0b3 → 6.0.0rc1

Bug fixes:

  • Don't create news, events, and users folders for Volto sites. [davisagli] (#3628)
  • Fix password used in a test. [davisagli] (#3653)
  • Bootstrap fix for numbering .list-group-numbered. See suggestions here [petschki] (#3661)
  • Fix 'KeyError: file' in browser tests on Python 3.11. [maurits] (#3663)
  • Updated metadata version to 6009. [maurits] (#6009)

Products.PlonePAS: 7.0.0b2 → 7.0.0b3

Bug fixes:

  • Fix admin password used in tests. [davisagli] (#70)

Products.PortalTransforms: 3.2.0 → 3.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed regular expression in tests on Python 3.11. [maurits] (#48)
  • Tests: fixed incompatibility with lxml 3.9+ on Linux. This gives slightly different output. [maurits] (#818)

icalendar: 5.0.0a1 → 5.0.2

Breaking changes:

  • Require Python 3.7 as minimum Python version. [maurits] [niccokunzmann]
  • icalendar now takes a ics file directly as an input
  • icalendar's CLI utility program's output is different
  • Drop Support for Python 3.6. Versions 3.7 - 3.11 are supported and tested.

New features:

  • source code in documentation is tested using doctest #445 [niccokunzmann]
  • icalendar utility outputs a 'Duration' row
  • icalendar can take multiple ics files as an input

Bug fixes:

  • broken properties are not added to the parent component Ref: #471 Fixes: #464 [jacadzaca]
  • a well-known timezone timezone prefixed with a / is treated as if the slash wasn't present Ref: #467 Fixes: #466 [jacadzaca]
  • Changed tools.UIDGenerator instance methods to static methods Ref: #345 [spralja]
  • proper handling of datetime objects with tzinfo generated through zoneinfo.ZoneInfo. Ref: #334 Fixes: #333 [tobixen]
  • Timestamps in UTC does not need tzid Ref: #338 Fixes: #335 [tobixen]
  • add __eq__ to icalendar.prop.vDDDTypes #391 [jacadzaca]
  • Refactor deprecated unittest aliases for Python 3.11 compatibility #330 [tirkarthi]
  • Refactored, and completed remaining minimal refactoring in Ref: #481 [pronoym99]
  • Calendar.from_ical no longer throws long errors Ref: #473 Fixes: #472 [jacadzaca]
  • Make datetime value shorter by removing the value parameter where possible. Fixes: #318 [jacadzaca], [niccokunzmann]
  • fixed setuptools deprecation warnings [mgorny]
  • removed deprecated test checks [tuergeist]
  • Fix: cli does not support DURATION #354 [mamico]
  • Add changelog and contributing to readthedocs documentation #428 [peleccom]
  • fixed small typos #323 [rohnsha0]
  • unittest to parametrized pytest refactoring [jacadzaca]

Products.PluggableAuthService: 2.7.0 → 2.7.1

  • Set the Cookie Auth Helper cookies with SameSite set to Lax by default and allow admins to change the setting as well as the secure flag from the Properties tab in the ZMI. The SameSite cookie flag is not currently set, which causes modern browsers to show warnings at the console. Such cookies may be rejected in the future and break the Cookie Auth Helper. See for information about the SameSite cookie attribute and why its handling in browsers is changing.

Products.Sessions: 4.13 → 4.14 4.2 → 4.3

attrs: 21.4.0 → 22.1.0

cssselect: 1.1.0 → 1.2.0

h11: 0.13.0 → 0.14.0

importlib-metadata: 4.12.0 → 5.0.0

importlib-resources: 5.8.1 → 5.10.0

jsonschema: 4.7.2 → 4.17.0

lxml: 4.8.0 → 4.9.1

Pillow: 9.2.0 → 9.3.0

PyJWT: 2.4.0 → 2.6.0

pyOpenSSL: 22.0.0 → 22.1.0

pyrsistent: 0.18.1 → 0.19.2

responses: 0.21.0 → 0.22.0

robotframework: 5.0.1 → 6.0.1

robotframework-pythonlibcore: 3.0.0 → 4.0.0

selenium: 4.3.0 → 4.6.0

simplejson: 3.17.6 → 3.18.0

sniffio: 1.2.0 → 1.3.0

trio: 0.21.0 → 0.22.0

typing-extensions: 4.3.0 → 4.4.0

Unidecode: 1.3.4 → 1.3.6

wsproto: 1.1.0 → 1.2.0

zipp: 3.8.1 → 3.10.0

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