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Plone for Government I offer to present two applications of Plone: as a repository of software for local and state government and a generalized and reusable Citizen Portal Engine. The GOCC Repository is available for state and local governments in US to share and collaborate on software applications. The reusable Engine is being developed by a consortium of government agencies and the University of Virginia. *Andy Stein* Programming Plone I offer to give a tutorial on "Programming Plone" along the lines of my "MySite>? tutorial *Raphael Ritz* Plone at Universities In addition, I also offer to give a talk on Plone at Universities/Academia with examples from our local site for the Berlin Computational Neuroscience Community *Raphael Ritz* I would like to participate in this talk as well, with examples from Columbia's Educational Multimedia Case Constructor. Also, I think this would be a fine oppurtunity to discuss the Mellon Foudations Sakai Project - a Course Management System (aka Blackboard buster) that is turning into a fullblown open source CMS. *Jonah Bossewitch* Product CMFBibliographyAT? "CMFBibliographyAT>? *Raphael Ritz* **Raphael, please send a mail to** **ploneconf** **concerning your suggestions** Advanced Issues in Archetypes I will give an introduction into the advanced techniques used in PloneCollectorNG? to build content-types beyond the common Archetype use-case. *Andreas Jung* **Sorry Andreas, but in meanwhile we are pretty full with AT related talks and tutorials. I put it on my stack anyway, but I'm afraid we have enough in meanwhile.** Building a large-scale company CMS on top of ZODB & Zope under construction *Andreas Jung* **But this sounds nice, please send a mail to** **ploneconf** Building an artist community website with Plone4Artists Plone4Artists is an intiative to build a portal-in-a-box for artist communities. The package includes many features commonly needed for a community website, a customization policy to ease installation, and a custom skin that can be easily modified. This talk could either be presented as a tutorial or as a case study, depending on where there is still space in the schedule. *Nate Aune* Case Study: Learning Lab Denmark Lessons learned from using Plone to build a bilingual website for Learning Lab Denmark an experimental research institution. This talk will discuss: - the merits and pitfalls of working with the open source community - challenges in creating a multilingual content website - how we dealt with performance issues (caching, Zeo, pound, optimizing code, etc.). Products used: Archetypes, CMFMember?, I18NLayer, LDAPUserFolder? and more info on the documentation site *Nate Aune* Plone Annotations I would like to organize a lightning talk on the feasibility of jumpstarting a project to integrate text annotation services within plone - ie developing an annotea client which runs in an ordinary browser using js + css (no plugins or special browsers). For the talk, I will: - Demo a running annotea client (Amaya and the mozzilla plugin running against the Zope annotation server product) - Examine prior js client attempts - propose a plip (?) for a plone product which acts as an annotea client (the client may have server side components, ie a place for members to save annotation url and login info, ability to subscribe and toggle different annotatoin providers, etc) - Consider sarrisa and even flash alternatives *Jonah Bossewitch* From zwark Tue Jun 29 15:40:36 -0500 2004 From: zwark Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:40:36 -0500 Subject: don't forget to email also Message-ID: <> This area is for general discussions, please send also an email to if you want to offer a talk