Presentation files

This page contains slides and notes that the speakers at the Plone Conference in Vienna are making available for general use. - Best Practices for Zope/Plone Development Joel Burton - Form Controller Tutorial (PDF) by Geoff Davis. Learn how to work with forms and validation in Plone 2. - CollaborationWithArchetypes: A presentation by Rob Miller (RaFromBRC) about the TeamSpace product and how the Burning Man Project is using it to manage their organizational and collaboration needs. - From CMF to Zope3: Lessons Learned Tres Seaver - Don't Fight the Framework: Developing Extensible Components for CMF and Plone Tres Seaver - Using CPS components from CMF / Plone Julien Anguenot - The Railroad Repository Shuttling Large Files Around Plone and Zope Kit Blake, Infrae - Case Study: Zope Plone in the Brazilian Government Giuseppe Romagnoli (1.6 MB - PDF) - Leveraging Standards to Improve the WebDAV? experience... NOW! -- Sidnei da Silva * "Freely available from ZopeMag>? * Presentation (PDF "OpenOffice>?) - "MySite? - A Plone Product Development Tutorial":handouts/talk_no.pdf Raphael Ritz, Humboldt-University - eduplone - plone in educational environments - "LinguaPlone? Tutorial":/events/conferences/2/handouts/LinguaPloneIntro?.pdf (1.2MB PDF) Helge Tesdal and Geir Baekholt, Plone Solutions - "PloneCampus>? - an open source Plone verticalization for universities (347Kb PDF) Francesco Ciriaci, Reflab - Web Quality Certification with Plone (46Kb PDF) Vincenzo Di Somma, Reflab - "PloneTestCase>? Tutorial (slides, example code, ...) Stefan Holek, Plone Solutions