Plone Conference 2008 Sessions

The Zope/Python Users Group of DC proudly presents the following sessions for Plone Conference 2008!
Speaker Topic Type
Bradley M. Kuhn When Software Is a Service, Will Only Network Luddites Be Free? Keynote (45 min)
Alexander Limi/Alan Runyan State of Plone Keynote (45 min)
Mike Halm/Christian Vinten-Johansen WebLion: Bringing Open Sources Practices to the Educational Enterprise Talk (45 min)
Matt Lee Plone as a campaigns management platform Talk (45 min)
Vitaliy Podoba Content Migration: Quantum Leap. Talk (45 min)
Godefroid Chapelle RIA with KSS and ExtJS Talk (45 min)
Aaron VanDerlip Getting Dates with Plone: Connecting People with Events Talk (45 min)
Kapil Thangavelu Content Mirror and Relational Databases Talk (45 min)
David Glick When Good Code Goes Bad: Tools and Techniques for Troubleshooting Plone Talk (45 min)
Sally Kleinfeldt Running a Small Business with Plone Talk (45 min)
Christopher Johnson & Jon Stahl
Collaborative Design Processes and Plone Talk (45 min)
Nate Aune Plone and multimedia - publishing audio and video content with Plone Talk (45 min)
Geir Bækholt The 10% manifesto and further — Methods for organized contribution to strategic development of Plone Panel discussion (45 min)
Steve McMahon PloneFormGen: Past, Present and Future Talk (45 min)
Stephan Richter
Introduction to z3c.form Tutorial (90 min)
David Bain A Simple Plone Setup on Amazon EC2 and S3 Talk (45 min)
Hanno Schlichting I18N for add-on developers Tutorial (90 min)
Carlos de la Guardia The Big Green Button: Turning Plone into a dynamic site factory. Talk (45 min)
Mike Robinson What makes a great development team? Talk (45 min)
Brandon Craig Rhodes Using Grok to Walk Like A Duck Talk (45 min)
Katie Cunningham Usability Testing: From High End to the Dirt Poor Talk (45 min)
Darci Hanning K-12 Portal to Information Literacy Talk (45 min)
Jon Baldivieso Collective Good: Best Practices for Creating, Releasing and Maintaining Add-on Products for Plone Talk (45 min)
Andrew Burkhalter Hybrid Vigor: Plone + Salesforce Integration Talk (45 min)
Chris McDonough repoze.bfg: A Zope Explosion Talk (45 min)
Katie Cunningham NASAScience: the Science Mission Directorate's Makeover Talk (45 min)
Martin Aspeli Simplifying Plone Talk (45 min)
Ken Wasetis Why Plone Works Well for Large Government Agencies Talk (45 min)
Alexander Limi The Future of Plone's User Experience Talk (45 min)
Erik Rose and Steve McMahon Securing Zope and Plone Against the Big, Bad Internet Talk (45 min)
Calvin Hendryx-Parker Plone's Anatomy Talk (45 min)
Andrew Parker Cross-Training for Your Plone Deployment Talk (45 min)
Cris Ewing We All Stand Together Talk (45 min)
Laurence Rowe Relational database applications with Plone and SQLAlchemy Tutorial (90 min)
Clayton Parker Reaching Deployment Nirvana Using Buildout Tutorial (90 min)
Ricardo Alves Moving an old-style product to Plone 3 Talk (45 min)
Rob Porter Theming a Plone 3.1 site from start to finish Tutorial (90 min)
Chris Calloway What You Need To Know About Python Tutorial (90 min)
Tarek Ziadé Delivering egg-based applications with zc.buildout, using a distributed model Tutorial (90 min)
Christopher Johnson Ecommerce in Plone: Surveying the state of the art Talk (45 min)
Maarten Kling How to build a Plone site in 1 hour! Tutorial (90 min)
Veda Williams Cat-Herding for Plone: Organizing and Executing a Successful Remote Sprint Talk (45 min)
Malthe Borch Why Through-The-Web Development Isn't Talk (45 min)
Joel Burton KSS Techniques Talk (45 min)
Paul Bugni Feed the Masses Talk (45 min)
Ian Bicking Using Deliverance to Theme a Website Talk (45 min)
JoAnna Springsteen Documentation Team Panel Panel discussion (45 min)
Christoffer Torris Olsen The Warm Fuzzy Feeling: Supporting your Customers Talk (45 min)
Gerry Kirk Introducing Scrum: an agile process for developing software Talk (45 min)
Stephan Richter
State of Zope 3 Talk (45 min)
Joel Burton Real World Intranets Talk (45 min)