Regional Symposia

Symposia are smaller conference-like events that are arranged outside the Plone Foundation's guidance and endorsement. The Plone Foundation is urging smaller conferences to occur in regional areas, and you don't need approval from the Foundation to arrange one of these - although they should at least have a bare minimum of professionalism - proper program, reasonable attendance fees, etc.
Plone Symposium Tokyo 2015
Jun 13, 2015 to Jun 14, 2015 Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan,by tyam

Plone Symposium Tokyo 2015, the first Plone Symposium in an Asian country, is held this June.We'll have two days symposium, Saturday for the talk sessions and the dev sprint on Sunday. There are two tracks in talk sessions. Among them two keynote speakers from the Plone Foundation.

Plone Symposium East 2010
by Eric Steele — last modified Oct 26, 2015 08:11 AM

WebLion’s regional Plone symposium returns to Penn State for a third year! The event will spotlight two days of talks, preceded by three days of training, and followed by 2 days of sprints.