Metanav Live Alternative Navigation Strategies in the Wild


Cris Ewing

Track Type

  • Education
  • Product demonstration



Metanav is a product created for the University of Washington Department of Radiology by WebCollective, a Seattle Plone consulting group. It was designed to meet the complex navigational needs of a large academic medical department, including:
  •  Highly Diverse Audiences with disparate needs and interests
  •  a wide variety of content not suited to all audiences
  •  and complex administrative hierarchies determining ownership, but confounding clear architecture.

The product allows content creators to manage the presentation of their pages in the global navigation structure of a site, and allows for close management of that content via a new navigation manager role. Additionally, support structures exist for using analytics tools such as Google Analytics with the links in the global navigation system, allowing for knowledge-based adaptation of the system over time

This talk will introduce the product by explaining the need it was intended to address and highlighting the collaborative process used to develop it. Also, since the UW Department of Radiology has been using Metanav live on its homepage for nearly a month now, we'll have a sneek peak at its performance in the wild.

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