Plone Symposium South America 2012

The Plone community in South America, the PloneGov-BR and the Interlegis Program in 2012 promoted the 4th edition of Plone Symposium South America, from August 22nd to 24th in conjunction with V EnGITEC.

Plone comes home

The Brazilian Government is one of the biggest users of Plone with large portals like, and A large part of the Brazilian Plone community lives or works in Brasilia and it was a natural move to host Plone Symposium South America there.

There were 243 registered attendees to 2012 edition of Plone Symposium South America

Organized by the PloneGovBr group and hosted by Interlegis, from August 22nd to 24th, followed by the Caipirinha Sprint on August 25th and 26th, the Plone Symposium South America had its fourth edition with Elizabeth Leddy and Nejc Zupan as keynotes.

Joining forces

Responsible for more than 400 active Plone sites, the Interlegis Program hosted the symposium and also the V EnGitec -- a conference for the Interlegis community.

Plone Symposium by numbers

This was the biggest Plone Symposium South America so far:Plone Symposium South America 2012

  • 243 registered attendees
  • 21 Talks
  • 6 Training sessions
  • 24 speakers from 5 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Slovenia and USA)
  • 18 Plone contributor agreements signed
  • 3 cover stories on Jornal do Senado (August, 23th, August, 24th and August 27th)

All talks were streamed live (with a peak of 100 simultaneous users) and videos will soon be available on the symposium site.

The Sprint

The Caipirinha Sprint gathered more than 20 people during the weekend and some achievements were:

  • plone.api and PloneIDE improvementsCaipirinha Sprint 2012
  • Kick off for the plone.api.json
  • Internationalization of buildout.coredev docs (Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish)
  • The Plone TODO Tutorial is almost finished
  • Bug fixes on

Also, it is worth mentioning that 6 people contributed code for the first time to Plone core. Some of them were long time Plonistas but never had the opportunity to move from the collective to the core.

Elizabeth Leddy wrote a blog post about the first day of the sprint, you can read it here.


Most of the pictures were posted on Instangram and Twitter under #plonesymposium but the organizers of V Engitec compiled albums for each one of the Plone Symposium days:

Héctor Velarde, a Plone Foundation Member prepares to his training sessionNejc Zupan introduces plone.apiLeaders of the Brazilian Plone Community, Rafahela Bazzanella and Jean FerriLeonardo Caballero, a Plonista from VenezuelaAnd the world famous Elizabeth LeddyÉrico Andrei gives a demo of PloneFabiano Weimar, a.k.a Xiru, talks about Plone and mobile platformsA pause for cafecito and pão de queijo

Our sponsors

The organization team for the Plone Symposium South America would like to thank the sponsors:

  • Plone Foundation: Airplane tickets for Elizabeth Leddy and Nejc Zupan to come to Brazil
  • Tv1.Com: Airplane tickets from Argentina to Brazil for Franco Pellegrini and Juan Pablo Gimenez, also airplane tickets for Elizabeth Leddy and Nejc Zupan from São Paulo to Brasilia.
  • PyTown: Airplane tickets from Argentina to Brazil for Emanual Sartor.
  • Simples Consultoria: Hotel accommodations for for Elizabeth Leddy and Nejc Zupan in São Paulo.
  • Senado Federal: Hotel accommodations for for Elizabeth Leddy, Fabiano Weimar and Nejc Zupan in Brasilia and airplane tickets for Fabiano Weimar.

About Interlegis

The Interlegis Program  was the result of a desire to bring together in a single community all of Brazil’s federal, state and local legislative bodies, aiming at their modernization, to enable them to improve their administrative and legislative procedures.