Event Sponsorship Details

This document provides details on our sponsorship policy for marketing events.
Note: This page does not apply to sprint funding request.
Here are the rules that event attendees will have to follow in order to get their expenses reimbursed at an event they attend to represent Plone.
  • All requests for reimbursements of expenses must be made before the expenses are incurred. Users can not apply after the fact to the Foundation for events they have attended. Requests must be made at least 1 month prior to the event, with very few exceptions in cases where there was not advance notice.
  • All requests must be made through this form http://plone.org/foundation/event-sponsorship/event-sponsorship-request. No other requests will be considered. Do not email the Foundation board or the marketing team with requests directly - but feel free to send questions regarding reimbursements or the application process to marketing@plone.org.
  • The marketing team will review all requests and make a recommendation to the board regarding approval of the request. Since the marketing budget for each year includes an itemized list of events which have approved in advance, those interested in being included are strongly advised to make their requests very early, so that their event can be one of the ones approved by marketing team and included in the budget for advance approval by the board. Requests which come in after the budget is approved with need to go through a special approval process involving the marketing team and the board, and are subject to limitations of the already-approved marketing budget.
  • Only Plone consulting companies or user groups can apply for event expense reimbursements by the Plone Foundation. Small and one-person companies are included in this.
  • It is critical that a variety of individuals represent Plone at these events. The board will actively recruit different representatives, recognizing that havng the same people doing this all the time limits the value and fairness of this program, as well as the perception of diversity within Plone by others at these events. We will attempt to work with individuals, companies and user groups located near the events.
  • Event attendees will have to report-back after the conference using this form http://plone.org/foundation/event-sponsorship/plone-event-report-form in order to be reimbursed.
  • Event attendees must send the board a conference report, including a photo which can be posted with news item on plone.org about the event.
  • Reimbursements will only be issued after the above-mentioned items have been provided by event attendees