Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-07-25


Old business

  • Windows installer change

New business

  • Certification of Reconsideration Vote

Certification of an email vote to reconsider a vote taken by the boardon July 14th granting Enfold a exclusive permission to includenon-open-source software in an Enfold-branded Plone installer forWindows to be linked to storage other that the Plone Foundation's.

  • Text of the Motion Which was reconsidered:

Steve McMahon moved that we tell the release manager and Enfold thatit's OK to link to a Windows installer that may include non-opensource components so long as it's marked as provide by the vendor andprovided on storage other than the Plone Foundation's.

  • Motion to Reconsider approved by email vote - 6 votes in favor, none opposed, one not vote received:

Mark Corum moved that "I move "we rescind our July 14th action thatwould have allowed for the release manager to provide a link to anexternally sourced Windows installer.