Minutes, April 3, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes, April 3, 2008

Present: Jon Stahl, Steve McMahon, Geir Bækholt

Absent: Darci Hanning, Joel Burton (traveling), Alex Limi


In Darci's absence, Jon Stahl called the meeting to order at 12pm PDT

Jon moved to approve the minutes from our March 13 meeting.
SteveM seconded

Approved unanimously

Old Business

Plone Conference 2008 (Jon)

We've received two proposals, from teams in Prague and Washington, DC.   Our original plan was to have the community whittle the list of proposals down to three, then have the board make the final choice. 

We discussed whether we wanted to make the decision ourselves or put it out to the Plone community for a vote, as we have in the past.  We discussed a bit, and decided  to take a vote of the entire board via email before the end of the coming weekend.

Sprint Kit Section on Plone.org (Nate)

David Siedband proposed creating  a "Sprint Kit" packet of materials about organizing a sprint on Plone.org.  We've created the space, and Nate will remind David that it's now available.  The board was enthusiastic and appreciative of this effort.

Plone.net Sponsorship Plan (Jon)

Jon reported.

Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee (Darci)

  • Action Items:
    • Review membership application queue
  • Report: status on membership approval process

Trademark / IP Committee (Geir)

  • Report: status on potential trademark infringement from a commercial software company (legal advice on our options)
    • Currently two possible infringements
  • General status report

Marketing Committee (Nate)

  • Brand audit update
  • Site re-design update (Alex)
  • General status update (plone.net design? job board?)

By-laws Work Group (Joel)

  •  Status update


Content Policy Work Group (Steve)

Status: CC licensing implementation with input from IP committee.

IP Committee suggested adding a checkbox to join_form preferences.  

Steve reported feeling a bit stuck; Jon volunteered to brainstorm and bring something back to the board, checking in with the IP committee.

New Business

Plone.org / Plone.net infrastructure (Geir)

Plone.org and Plone.net have continued to not be very reliable of late, causing frustration and pain in the Plone community.  Many people in the community have expressed a willingness to put money into the problem if we can get it solved.  Process is a bit unclear.

We agreed that the status quo needs to change, and that Plone.org needs to have additional technical sysadmin resources. 

Geir will draft up some suggested criteria for success, which we will revise via email and then engage the community in helping us to solve.

Jon pointed out that we need an inventory of our technical assets.  Jon will follow up on this with Alex & Joel.

We need to recruit someone to drive a process forward.   Geir will scan the list of foundation members, and we can put out a call.


Plone Certification Proposal and Domain Usage

Ofer Weisglass sought permission to use Plone trademarks for a technical certification exam for Plone, and also to promote a proposed documentary.

Jon moved to deny these requests.

Geir seconded.

Unanimously approved.



Next Meeting


April 10 - normal time.