Minutes, October 16, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes from October 16, 2008.

Called to order by Darci 12:05 PDT (UTC-7); Steve taking minutes.

Jon, Darci, Geir, Matt, Nate, Steve attending. Alex joined the call during the World Plone Day slides item.

October 2nd Meeting Minutes

Darci moved approval; Steve seconded; approved unanimously.

Selection of officers

Jon moved to elect himself President, Geir Vice-President, Steve Secretary, and Toby Treasurer
Seconded by Darci
Approved by acclamation
Jon took over chairing

Packt/Practical Plone contract

Noted for the minutes that the President (Jon!) will sign based on prior board approval.

Jon explained contract; noted no financial risk; noted Jon, Steve and Darci are authors; noted appreciation of Martin’s effort

QuickBooks Subscription

Toby recommends not subscribing/paying for Quickbooks online anymore

Jon moved to accept recommendation; Darci seconded; unanimous approval

World Plone Day advertising proposal

Roberto Allende had requested foundation lend name and raise money to place anewspaper ad in a major US newspaper.

Discussion: several members mentioned that they thought this was not realistic; too expensive; not strategic

Jon moved to decline; Steve seconded; unanimous approval

Nate will let Roberto know and thank him for his other work.

Plone.org SSL certificate

Current version is self-signed

Request for wildcard ssl cert; Alex will coordinate with Wichert

Jon moved purchase of wc cert; delegate task to Alex in coordination with Wichert; check in if more than $500;

Discussion: Matt suggested we finish move of Plone.Org domain name to foundation (now in alex’s name) before applying for cert. Friendly amendment.

Steve will contact Alex.

Unanimously approved.

Expectations for scheduling/attendance of board meetings

Jon suggested board members schedule the time every week, but plan on meetings every other week most of the time. Probably every week ‘til we get through conference scheduling.

There was general agreement

Jon suggested: make 75% of meetings as reasonable expectation

General agreement

Geir: Unwarned absences are not OK. Missing 3 in a row is not OK, excused or not.

Jon proposed we have a bylaws clause allowing dismissal after 3 absences in a row.

Jon will write this up for reading into record at next meeting; Jon and Steve will draft bylaws clause.

Select next meeting date

Jon proposed meeting Oct 23 and 30. Noted no meeting Nov 27th (US Thanksgiving).


Goals - general discussion

Steve: Jon’s goals plus membership straighten out

Darci: improve conference organizing plus Jon’s goals

Jon: Act as facilitator and keep things moving; keep up on plone.net, secondary role on marketing

Matt: Want to bang marketing drum more;

Nate: Seconds; wants to work with Matt on marketing.

Geir: plone development; involvement with plone 4. work with tech and framework committees; plone.org infrastructure.

World Plone Day Slide Deck

Nate sought approval; noted that Mark had suggested this pass through the board.

Limi joined call

Discussion: suggestions made to Nate. Given approval in concept; Mark should approve final.

Clarify logo usage guidelines

Discussion: Jon noted that guidelines have proven to be vague in practice. Noted conflicting advice from lawyers and open-source values.

Jon proposed institution of simple process for handling derivatives of trademark with guidelines: We don’t want people to alter logo, but placing in a larger context generally OK. Foundation may do what it pleases for its sponsored events and promotions.

Matt and Nate will work on clarification of policy and report to board.

Geir will work with IP committee on a simple process.

Main business finished

Informal discussion on user groups and domain names.

Next Meeting: October 23rd, Noon PDT (UTC-7)