Minutes, September 25, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes from September 25, 2008.

Present: Darci, Jon, Steve, Geir

Absent: Joel, Nate, Alex



Darci called the meeting to order at 12:10pm


Jon moved to approve minutes from August 21st.

Darci seconded

Approved unanimously.


Jon moved to approve minutes from September 4th

Darci seconded.

Approved unanimously.


Jon read into the record several decisions the board made in the past week via email.

The board voted unanimously via email to approve PF membership applications from the following folks.  Congratulations to all!

Lennart Regebro
Christopher Johnson
David Glick
Veda Williams
Jean-François Roche
Tarek Ziade
Matt Bowen
Matt Lee


The board passed a motion via email to amend the bylaws as follows, in order to automatically renew all PF members for 2008.

A new article is hereby added:

Article 12: Special Provisions

12.1 2008 Membership Renewal
The membership of all persons who are non-emeritus members of the 
Plone Foundation on September 17th, 2008 are renewed through November 
1st, 2009 or the completion of a board-approved 2009 membership
renewal process, whichever may come first. The requirement in section
3.3 for a membership-renewal process is suspended for 2008.


Jon will announce to the foundation-members mailing list.


Conference 2008

Jon reported that we are currently at 261 registered attendees, and that Alex Clark reports that logistics are coming together smoothly.


Board Elections

Joel was absent, and thus unable to report on any progress towards announcing board elections.

Darci will move ahead to announce nominations in his absence this afternoon and email the board.

Geir will verify that Hanno is willing to administer the election (count the votes).

Darci will handle outbound communications.

Jon will setup Gmail box and give Hanno access to it to count votes.


Plone.org/.net Hosting Updates

Geir sent email summarizing his very positive conversation with Wichert.

Next actions will be that Wichert will review 6FeetUp's plone.org hosting proposal and reality check it against his knowledge of our needs and he will put together questions/concerns/comments to 6FeetUp. 

Jon reported that David Sapiro and Pilot are putting together a similar proposal for Plone.net.  Geir reports that Wichert has few concerns about this.


Annual membership meeting planning


Rough outline:

  • What to report on
Darci and Jon to initiatite conversation via board list.
  • Open the floor to motions
  • Adjourn


Jon will serve as informal parliamentarian, and will pack a copy of Roberts Rules. ;-)


Logo Usage Guidelines

We discussed the logo usage guidelines in general, and specifically, 6FeetUp's proposed usage of the logo to promote their upcoming Plone Deployment Workshop.

Steve moved to reject 6FeetUp's proposed usage of the Plone logo as incosistent with our published logo usage guidelines.

Geir seconded.

Approved unanimously.

Jon will communicate this via email to Calvin.


Geir moved to clarify the logo & trademark usage policy, review the landscape for existing violations, and take appropriate actions as advised by the IP committee.

Darci seconded.

Approved unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 1:02pm.