Minutes, February 19, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Jon called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm PST



Present: Jon, Darci, Geir, Steve, Nate, Matt (joined 12:12)Absent: AlexAdvisory Members present: Roberto

Minutes for February 5, 2009

Jon moved approval, Darci secondedUnanimously approved.

Quick Checkins/Updates

New member notification/announcement

All applicants from the last round have been notified; Darci will add to lists and do a news item. There are currently no application in the queue.

Marketing Committee

Nate reported that the committee has had a kick-off meeting.Matt related some items from the minutes; lots going on. WPD is a priority. NTEN materials. Great Background Plone Count. Press release procedure under work. Annual Plone awards of some variety.Jon noted that there’s foundation budget available for this. Nate said a budget for this will be put together.

Reimbursing Veda Williams for Practical Plone book mailouts

Nate moved approval of up to $75Matt secondedPassed unanimously (Steve, Jon, Darci abstaining)

Plone.Net sponsorship report

Jon reported Nine sponsors so far. > $20,000 pledged so far.Jon encouraged us to spread the word.Plone.Net is now running on Pilot Systems servers.

New/Ongoing Work

Licensing Discussion

Geir reported that the board list had received summary of feedback. Slightly more than 50% want us to do something about this. Remainder split between no and don’t care.Geir noted that discussion from last board meeting had been posted to membership list.We do need a policy/procedure to minimize chance of accidental moves from license to another.Steve will work on a draft of policy text for circulation inside board, then to IP committee. Then to membership list for discussion, then a formal membership vote.


Now that money is coming in, we need to plan. Brainstormed likely expenses.Marketing Committee, materials development, conference expensesTravel scholarships for Budapest for key folks.Routine domain-name, certificate expenses.Identified key sprints.Jon noted that much of the sponsorship money is coming in a periodic basis, and the budget will need to take that into account.

Adjourned at 12:43.