Minutes for May 28, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Called to order at 12:05pm PDT


Attending: Matt, Jon, Nate, Alex, SteveMissing: Geir and Darci (both excused)

Minutes for April 30th

Jon Moved, Nate secondedUnanimously approved


Vote on adopting Plone Framework Components Relicensing Policy - Jon

Jon moved Plone Framework Relicensing Policy as submitted to membershipSteve secondedUnanimously approved

Vote to confirm Eric Steele as release manager for the "new" Plone 4 release.

(Hanno is release manager for new Plone 5)Steve movedJon secondedUnanimous (also proxy +1 from Geir)

Review Steve's COCOMO valuation, discuss, vote on whether to adopt a valuation for our codebase in our non-audited financials. - Steve

Files: 3,048, Lines of Code: 215,046
Using COCOMO coefficients: a 1.05, b 2.4
Programmer years: 56.26 @ $55000 per year = 3,094,216 USD

This is using a COCOMO "organic" model, with lines measured from shipping Plone 3.3rc3 minus code not under our control (KSS, Kupu ...). Text files and documentation were not counted.

Steve moved to use a figure of $3,000,000 as estimated valuation of code base in our non-audited books.Alex secondedUnanimously adopted

Steve will save this as a policy document.

Discuss first draft of marketing plan, any feedback we want to offer Mark & Gabrielle before they go forth and create an implementation plan & budget? - Jon

Discussion: Matt noted how daunting it is to go from no plan to 15 pages.|Next step will be an implementation plan, then a budget estimateJon will communicate back that the board is very enthusiastic

Membership Committee - Darci


Discuss Hanno's proposal for pulling together some code odds-and-ends into the PF conservancy (e.g., Archetypes, ATContentTypes, plone.recipe.*)

Is it a good idea? Would we spend for it (pay it to do the grunt work)?Probably would require signatures on assignments specifying code.Limi noted that it’s not necessarily an advantage to own a lot of code. Targets for IP contests. Also, Archetypes is not crucial to our future.Jon’s suggestion: get an analysis to tell us how many folks are involved and which portion have already signed. Requires analysis of commit logs — Kapil has done this before. Alex will ask him if he can do it again.


Discuss buying the "DIN" font in our logo for Foundation use - Alex

Steve moved to authorize Alex to spend up to $200 to obtain the font/weight matching the logo.Jon secondedUnanimously approved

Jon and Alex volunteered to do some gardening work in plone.org/foundation.

Jon led a discussion about the possibility of doing some reworking of plone.net. Pilot will handle tech side. Design and style talent will be needed.

Alex talked about getting a carefully selected set of case studies in ready-to-print PDF form for literature.

Jon adjourned us at 12:50pm PDT