Minutes for November 5th, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Informal call to order at 12:10pm PDT



Attending: Geir, Alex, Steve, Calvin, Roberto, Mark, Matt, Toby

Minutes for October 15th, 2009

Steve moved acceptance, Geir seconded Approved unanimously

New Business

Agree and formalize meeting times/schedule

Thursdays, Noon PDT; meet every week to start; November 12, 19, Dec 3rd, then to every second week.Geir Moved, Calvin Seconded, Unanimous

Attendance policy: keep track, make it public

Geir moved maintaining past attendance policy, Steve secondedUnanimously approved.

Appoint officers (Treasurer, Secretary, President, Vice-president)


Steve moved election of Geir as president; Matt secondedUnanimously approved; Geir abstained


Geir moved appointing Toby as Treasurer; Mark secondedUnanimously approved


Geir moved Steve be Secretary; Roberto secondedUnanimously approved

Vice President

Mark nominated Calvin; Steve nominated MattContinent / time zone balance issue mentioned by Steve, Geir, Matt; all agreed both excellent. Matt withdrew, noting advantage of time balance.Calvin unanimously confirmed; Calvin abstained

Appoint advisory board members

Suggestions: Xavier Heymans, Joel Burton, Jon StahlSteve moved that slate; Calvin secondedUnanimously approved.


Membership, an offficial committee of Foundation

Steve volunteered to take on membership committee, would solicit applications for a new  committee membership.Geir moved to appoint Steve; Matt secondedUnanimously approved (Steve abstained)

IP Committee

Geir was past year’s liaison to this committee, but doesn’t think he should do it and president.Paul was past chair; Sree is next year’s chair. Matt volunteered to be liaisonGeir moved to appoint Matt; Steve secondedUnanimously approved.

Marketing Committee

Mark is current chair;Geir moved appointment of Mark as chair and liaison Unanimously approved. (Mark abstained)

Invoice for IP-lawyer services

2,193.36 USD for trademark filings; all the real work is pro bono, this is just filing and document fees.Steve moved paying invoice; Geir secondedUnanimously agreed

Second signer for bank account

Geir moved Steve serve as second signerCalvin secondedUnanimously approved.Steve will do notifications on board officers / advisory members.Geir adjourned us at 12:55pm