Minutes, September 3, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors


Jon called to order at 12:05pm


Jon, Matt, Steve, Nate, Geir, Alex
Missing: Alex, Darci (unexcused)
Advisory: Mark, Roberto

Minutes for August 20th, 2009

Jon moved, Nate seconded
Unanimously approved

Business Items

Domain Consolidation update (Geir)

Geir has sent a note to plone-announce and is receiving responses that increase coverage. For now, we’re just getting the list, and telling the holders to hang on for a bit.
15-20 already in. Thinks there are 30 more. Expect improved coverage at conference.
We don’t expect to buy all domains, but act selectively. Good, community-oriented sites will remain in community hands.

Review of Plone Conference 2010 schedule and selection process (Jon)

Jon presented his work on the selection process.
Jon moved the adoption of the schedule as presented. Steve seconded.
Unanimously approved.

Review of conference/event list and sponsorship policy. (Jon)

Jon pointed us to a refined draft of the sponsorship policy. The board has agreed to take responsibility for prioritizing in the first year; it may be delegated to a working committee once procedures are established.
Lots of informal feedback; Jon will move to another draft.

We need an ongoing process for updating the list. We can have a form, but the board will need to be doing regular review. Agreement that Marketing Committee will provide the first filtering and prioritizing and the board will make final decisions based on their recommendations.

Update: Request for Sydney event sponsorship has been withdrawn. Australians are working on another.

Request for event outreach sponsorship for Roberto - various South America conferences. (Jon)

Requesting $750 for travel expenses for events in Argentina, Brazil, Chile.
Steve moved, Geir seconded
Unanimously approved

Roberto's request to sponsor some travel expenses for ~2 core community members to attend Plone Symposium South America in November. (Jon, Roberto)

Noted that this isn’t really marketing, but strategic community participation. Everyone liked the idea as a very strategic step to promote community spread, but talked through budget concerns. Noted that this is so special and particular that it shouldn’t be regarded as not setting a precedent.

General consensus that this is a good idea.

Jon moved allocation of up to 3,000 for travel expenses for South Am. Summit 2010 for two core community members. Final arrangements to be made in consultation with board.

Steve seconded

Unanimously approved


Jon moved to have legal counsel formally tell them to desist using the Plone name and trademark.

Geir seconded

Unanimously approved


Paul has notified us that deadline for replacement of him as chair of IP Committee is end of September.

Official congratulations to Jon and Molly over the planned production of progeny.


Jon adjourned us at 1:10pm