Annual Meeting Minutes, 2010

Annual Meeting of the Plone Foundation, Bristol, UK, 28 November 2010

Geir Bækholt called the meeting to order at 18:30

Welcome to new members

Annual Report Reviewed

The annual report was distributed in hard copy to every attendee at the Plone Conference 2010, and can also been downloaded.
  • License Change
  • Component Relicensing
  • Trademark registration
  • Logo guidelines
  • Domain names
  • Sponsorships — Thanks to sponsors
  • Review of event presences sponsored

Diversity Statement

    Martin Aspelli moved adoption of the statement as sent to the e-mail:

The Plone Foundation and global Plone community actively encourage the involvement and participation of everyone.  Our community is based on mutual respect, acceptance and encouragement; with each of us taking personal responsibility for helping each other live up to these principles.  We believe diversity of ideas, skills, cultures and viewpoints are irreplaceable in keeping Plone and our community vital, growing and viable. We want our community to be more diverse, by any measure - so whoever you are, whatever your background is, whatever views and goals you have, we welcome you.

    Many seconders: Tom Lazar may have been first    Geir opened the floor for discussion    No discussion    Geir called for a voice vote    Clear majority Aye, motion adopted

Geir called for votes in board election; due by 22:00.

Steve moved adjournmentCalvin secondedGeir adjourned 18:42