Minutes for June 3, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors


Calvin called us to order at 12:05


Attending: Calvin, Steve, Matt, Mark, Roberto
Absent: Geir (excused), Alex (unexcused)

Approve minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-may-20-2010

Calvin moved approval, Matt seconded
Approved unanimously

Quick Committee status report

Membership is starting a new round of reviews
Marketing: Mark has sent in a report to the board list and is seeking comments

Old business

Regional conferences, naming, guide. (deferred, Alex absent)

domain aqcuisition progress? (did Steve spoke to Joel at PSE?)

Yes, Joel was briefed at PSE, and has taken on the job.

Call for sponsorships [matt+geir]

Geir and Matt have put together some information. Mark, Calvin and Steve made a pitch at lightning talks at PSE. Matt will work on a concise document on sponsorship benefits and merits.

New business

Event funding request, Tahoe sprint, David Glick on behalf of David Brenneman.

Calvin moved $500 reimbursement of David B. for expenses not covered for Tahoe sprint. Matt seconded.
Discussion: this was a special case of a sprint that was beneficial to Plone and attendance was unexpectedly low. We didn’t want David stuck with the full set of expenses.
Agreed unanimously.

Strategic sprint discussion

Calvin and Matt will work on a policy recommendation for the board

Event funding request, Open Source Software ~ Pacific Asia Conference

Request from PretaWeb for $1,700 support for booth fee and event registration for Open Source Software - Pacific Asia Conference.
Mark moved to make available up to $1,000 USD for this event, with recommendation to try to get involvement from other Aus companies and requirement of event report for reimbursement. Steve seconded.
Unanimously approved.

Diversity comittee request from Joel and Mark

Request to create committee to encourage participation in project from underrepresented communities.
Calvin and Matt noted particular interest in promoting event participation by underrepresented groups.
We discovered that the originating proposal didn’t go to the board list, and not everyone had read it.
Will be on agenda for next meeting.

Funding for the South American conference, email from Roberto Allende

Continuing discussion of support for a South American Plone Conference
30-40 people in attendance last year, $3,000 was allocated for travel by two foundation members.
Steve moved allocation of $1,500 USD for the travel of one foundation representative for a Plone South American Conference
Matt seconded
Passed unanimously.

Plone Conference 2010 update (Matt) + Authorization to change banner on plone.org

Registration now open. Would like a banner.
General agreement this is OK.

Adjourned at 12:58pm