Minutes for Aug 25, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Call to order: A Board of Directors meeting of the Plone Foundation,
was held by electronic conference on 8/25/2011. The meeting convened
at 20:02, with Vice-President Matt Hamilton presiding.

Members in attendance:   Matt, Jon, Mark, Steve
Members not in attendance: Geir, Calvin, Alex

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Matt, and seconded by Mark to
approve the minutes of the August 11, 2011 meeting. Motion carried.  1
abstention (Jon)

Feedback from Plone Conference Organizers
Schedule for the event is now up.
Training rooms are signed and set up. Trainers will pay for space to
the Foundation.
Currently looking at housing options.
Working on finding sprint space.
130 people are currently registered. $36000 in tickets, $11000 in
sponsorship at this time.

Board and committee reports:

Recommendation will be coming at next meeting.

No report

Unfinished business:

ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
Matt needs to talk with the contact.
No action by the board at this time.

Possible trademark abuse
Matt has spoken to Dave Powsner, who will be contacting the other
party regarding this issue.
No action by the board at this time.

Foundation Anti-Harassment Policy
The board discussed the draft policy as a policy recommendation for
events to choose to implement, not as a Plone Foundation policy.
No action by the board at this time.
The board will discuss this at our next meeting.

New business:

Selection of a new Secretary
The group approved Jon as secretary.
Motion: Moved by Matt that to name Jon Stahl secretary
with the agreement someone else will take minutes until late
Motion carried.

Plone Jobs Board
The board discussed the concept of creating a job board for plone.org, and possible policies to govern such an effort.  Using this as a potential revenue source was also discussed.
Jon will work on developing a spec, to be shared with the board and the community.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2100.

Mark Corum    (filling in)