Minutes for December 29th, 2011

meeting minutes of the Board of Directors

Meeting starts at 22:03 CET.
We're holding an experiment with alternative teleconf software, despite a few hiccups the audio quality is remarkably better.


  • Attendance:
    present are: Matt, Carol, Maurizio, Érico, Sjoerd and Paul
    absent (with notice): Geir

  • Minutes of the meeting of december 15th:
    Carol moves to approve, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.


Old Business


  • ZEA Indian trademark transfer.
    This is now under way.
    A related issue is the effective seat of the Foundation in Europe. Matt still needs to look into the details.
  • OASIS WEMI standard.
    The process has now started at OASIS without us, but we may be joining later if and when somebody from the community can invest the time and energy.
  • PloneConf 2012 Call.
    No news for now, we're waiting for the bids to arrive. There will be bids, for sure.
    Brazil will not bid this year, they have decided to focus on the Plone Symposium South America in the last week of August, but plan to go for 2013.
  • Plone.org cleanup.
    We've published the team guidelines on plone.org, which are just a basic set of questions to teams to improve their transparency. There has been feedback from Steve McMahon, who (rightly) remarked that not all community teams are Foundation teams. And most definitely not all team members are Foundation members. Therefore these guidelines should also be published on other mailing lists.

    Various address changes have to be done in the Foundation part of the website (Paul)

    We should also look at who runs various services on behalf of Plone, like accounts at Twitter, Flickr, etcetera. A lot of services have been run more or less spontaneously by various people, often quite well. The idea is not to take back control of everything, but to make it transparent who's running what, and how people can help out if they want to.
  • Mailing lists:
    Quite a few of the mailing lists on lists.plone.org are either obsolete (i.e. haven't seen traffic in years), or are missing a clear description on what their purpose is. Maurizio will try to work with the various list admins to improve the clarity also here
  • Change of bank account and signatories
    The paperwork has been dealt with, although we may also need some other changes to make the work for our new Treasurer as easy as possible. The official change of Treasurer will be at January 1st, 2012, to make a clean change in books, year reports and the like.
  • CMS Expo revised request.

    The Board received a request to provide free advertising banner space on Plone.org to promote a non-community event in return for a discount. After discussion, the Board feels that the front page banners of plone.org <http://plone.org> should be reserved for community events, in accordance with our editorial policy. If Plone is represented at the event, it could of course be mentioned on the "Events" page. Please see http://plone.org/foundation/marketing/editorialteam/editorialguidelines for the details of the policy.

 New Business

  • Renewing NTEN membership.
    The previous board had approved renewing membership that the Plone Foundation had. This was not completed, Carol to check the details and report back.
  • SSL Certificate renewal.
    Steve McMahon, at the request of the AI team, has taken care of renewing our wildcard SSL certificate. Thanks Steve!
  • Microdonations.
    Our application for the service is running, should be relatively quick since we're an offical 501c3 recognized nonprofit under U.S. law.
  • Various tokens of gratitude
    The Board will make sure a few people that need to be thanked for their service to the community will indeed be thanked

This is the last meeting of 2011, may 2012 be a happy and great year for the entire Plone community!

Érico moves to close the meeting, Carol seconds.
Unanimous approval, the meeting is closed at 22:49 CET