Minutes for April 5, 2012

Meeting minutes of the Board of Directors for April 5, 2012


  • Attendance: Érico, Sjoerd, Matt, Carol, Maurizio
  • Approval of the minutes for March 22nd:Érico moves to approve, Maurizio seconds, unanimous approval.


Old Business

  • Plone Conference updateThe preparations are coming along.
  • Trademark Monitoring serviceMatt has emailed the Trademark people to go ahead with monitoring the word and device (logo). The monitoring is to be for anyone trying to register the name or the device (logo).
  • Plone.Org cleanup of committees and teams informationIs going well, the Board will contact the few remaining teams.
  • Domain disputes.cat - Matt to follow up again.br -  is handed off to Martin a Jarn. Matt to follow up on this..be - Geir was talking with them. Geir indicated he is too busy to handle this and we need a volunteer to take this on.
  • Electronic signatures for contributor agreementsMatt: no update at this time, he will follow up with the legal people again.
  • Europython booth/tableMaurizio: no update at this time.
  • EuroPython update.Voting has ended. Final announcement on April 18th. Thank you to everyone who submitted Plone talks.

New Business

  • BitNami imagesSuggestion from Wyn Williams.Tabled for further review. Erico to review with Wyn before sending an email to installers team to discuss this.
  • EuroPython marketing ideas from Maurizio and Wyn:Wyn is in contact with Mark regarding various ideas.
  • Sprint Funding and reporting:there will be just one form for reporting either events or sprints.
  • PloG:Maurizio reported on status.
  • Funding for ITU Telecom World 2012 requestCarol makes a motion to decline this request, Erico seconds. Unanimous approval. Matt to send email.

Motion to adjourn by Maurizio, seconded by Sjoerd. Unanimous approval.