Minutes for July 26, 2012

Meeting of the Board

(meeting starts at 22:03 CET)




  • attendance:
    present: Maurizio, Matt, Carol, Érico, Paul, Geir
    away with notice: Sjoerd
  • Approval of the minutes of July 12th, 2012:
    Maurizio moves to approve, Érico seconds. Geir abstains, the motion carries.

New business


  • Sea Sprint
    A sprint will be organized by Chris Calloway on "getting Deco Lite into the 4.x series". The organizers have several requests for the Board:

    * to designate this sprint as strategic, as that will help to attract funding, and in general will ease the organizing. The Board agrees with this request, gladly.

    * to help fund some of the expenses. By far the largest part of the expenses is being put up by the organizers, and they ask for a limited travel fund ($1259) for some key participants.
    Paul moves to approve this, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous.

    * to look at possibilities if the Plone Foundation can be the financial agent for fundraising.
    This is a difficult issue; while sprints are definitely forwarding the causes of the Plone community in general, it is not at all clear that this means the Foundation can then legally act as financial agent for various sprints. Our status as 501(c)3 organization (U.S. recognition as a non-profit organization) is highly important, but that status comes with very strict rules on what can and cannot be done. The Board wishes to remain fully under the rules set for 501(c)3 organizations. Therefore, we cannot grant this request, at least not without further scrutiny by our accounting

  • Approval of new Foundation Members
    The Board has received recommendations from the Membership committee on allowing Rob Porter and Kim Nguyen in to the Foundation. It is with great pleasure that the Board agrees to this.
    Érico moves to approve them, Geir seconds. Unanimous.

    Welcome, Rob and Kim!

  • Apple Developer Certification
    Apple has walled off more of their garden; the default for new Mountain Lion installations is to allow no software that does not come through the Apple Store. To get our installer into that would entail getting a license, in the name of the Plone Foundation, to make the installer 'approved'.
    But for this, we do want to check the compatibility of that against our (GPLv2) licensing.
    Érico will look into it.

    As an aside, a similar kind of situation might arise when Windows8 arrives and wants to restrict software to their version of App Store.

  • Jamaica Jerk sprint funding.
    The Board received a request for funding of a designer. While the Board likes the focus of the sprint as a whole, this specific request would in our opinion not be conductive to our community as a whole. The request is therefore denied.


Old Business


  • Plone Conference update
    The Board was updated by mail from Sjoerd.
  • Brochure at Plone Conference
    Producing a dead tree version is too expensive, and the Conference is not the right location for this. See last minutes. The content will be re-used in various digital ways.
  • Transfer of plone.com domain.
    The transfer is on its way.
  • Plone.com progress
    Last Tune-Up, not many people turned up, there will be more work done next Tune-Up.
    Some work has been done on a skin
  • Real Story Group subscription.
    There was not enough interest from the Membership, so we will have to pass for this year.
  • EuroPython 2013 contact:
    Érico will work towards maintaining early contact with the organizers.
  • Declaration of Internet Freedom
    The Board decides to join the Declaration, Matt will sign on behalf of the Foundation.

Paul moves to close the meeting, Érico seconds.