Minutes for October 29, 2015

First meeting of the new board: appointment of officers and liaisons

Paul called us to order at 21:04 UTC



Present: Alexander Loechel, Carol Ganz, Paul Roeland, Chrissy Wainwright, Philip Bauer, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Kim NguyenAbsent: None

Approval of minutes

Minutes for the October 1 meeting had already been approved by the previous board via email

Election of Officers

Paul nominated himself for PresidentCarol moved approval, Alexander secondedUnanimously approved

Carol and Alexander nominated themselves for Vice PresidentPhilip motioned for Carol to be VP, Paul secondedUnanimously approved

Chrissy nominated herself for SecretaryCarol motioned, Alex secondedUnanimously approved

Appointment of Treasurer

Alexander motioned to approve Jen Myers as the continuing TreasurerPaul secondedUnanimously approvedThank you to Jen for continuing to be treasurer, and to Six Feet Up for allowing her to give us her time!

Incoming Correspondence

Cris Ewing noted we should change who the AWS emails go to since he is no longer on the board.  aws@plone.org was updated to go to board@plone.org

Funding request from IndyPy for $300 for pizza moneyKim moved approval, Alexander secondUnanimously approvedCarol with coordinate directly with Jen for refund

The plone.org/plone.com admin team requested funds for moving to a new hosting platform. Rackspace hosting would be kept as a Testing platform.Alex moved to approve $150/month for hosting fees, Paul secondedUnanimously approvedPaul will contact the AI team, and get in touch with Jen about payment

Appointment of Team Liaisons

Membership CommitteeAlex moved to appoint Kim as the committee chairPhilip secondedUnanimously approved

Marketing Committee - Paul and KimPhilip made a motion that both Paul and Kim be LiaisonsChrissy secondedUnanimously approved

Other unofficial liaisons and contact points:

  • Security Team - Alexander
  • AI Team - Paul
  • Framework Team - Philip
  • CMS Garden - Alexander
  • Sponsorship - Kim
  • Plone.org - Victor

Plone.org update

  • Working hard with a team of 8 people
  • Had a sprint at Conference
  • Set a deadline for December 1!
  • Site is using Plone 5
  • Has Github integration for authentication
  • New Badges

Discussion of what to achieve during this term on the board

-- Executive Session --

Alex moved to adjourn, Paul secondsUnanimously approved

Adjourned at 22:08 UTC