Minutes for November 2, 2017

Meeting called to order at 20:10 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Kim Nguyen, Carol Ganz, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Philip Bauer (joined late)

Absent: None

Approval of the minutes of October 5

Alexander moved to approve, Kim seconded

Unanimously Approved

Will postpone approval of minutes from the General Meeting since the notes are not yet ready.

Incoming Correspondence

  • Funding Request - From Timo requesting $1500 for the Pastanaga sprint in Bonn. Alexander moves to approve up to $1500 for the sprint, Kim seconded. Motion passed.

New Business

Selection of Officers

  • Paul nominated himself to be President. Alexander nominated himself for Vice President. Chrissy nominated herself to be Secretary. Paul appointed Jen Myers to continue as our Treasurer. Victor moved to approve this package of officers for the board. Paul seconded. Unanimously approved

Team Liaisons

  • Marketing Team: Kim agrees to continue to be the Marketing lead
  • Membership Committee: Kim has agreed to be the official Chair of the committee, with Erico Andrei as a co-chair.
  • Security Team: Alexander agrees to continue to be the liaison. It was discussed at Barcelona to have an informal team lead/spokesperson, and Alexander will fill this role. Sam Schwartz has been invited to the security team.
  • Framework Team: Philip agrees to be the liaison
  • University/Education: Alexander will continue to be the liaison
  • Frontend Team: Victor will step up and be the team lead

  • Barcelona Conference - Paul reported that the atmosphere was quite positive and fun. It was good to have the GSOC students present. Overall it was a well-run conference.
  • Extending the Foundation Family - Paul and Alexander had a meeting with the Pyramid people to discuss the possibility of bringing in Pyramid as part of the Plone Foundation. There are many steps that would need to happen before we could make them part of the organization, these steps are outlined in a Google Doc. For now we will review the document and add notes/thoughts. Paul will be working to update our contributor agreement as an initial step, which would need to be approved by the board and membership before it is final.
  • Tokyo 2018: Paul had a discussion with Manabu - he wants to set up a regular meeting with the board in preparation for the conference. They will need money this month to pay for part of the venue up front, we will take care of this since the Foundation is the financial agent for this conference.
  • Infrastructure Plan - The AI team is understaffed, they are looking to invite new people to the team. Also they are looking to update the infrastructure by moving to paid Linode servers. Paul will write a letter to Linode to see if we can get a discount since we are an open source organization. We will vote to approve the funds once the AI team sends a budget for the new servers.
  • PLOG - We will be working to organize PLOG for next year, waiting to hear back from the hotel.
  • Upcoming Sprints - Alpine Sprint for Zope 4, rumor of Jamaica Sprint for UI/UX, Pastanaga (Baby Carrot) Sprint, Beethoven Sprint.

Continued Business


Carol moved to adjourn, Alexander seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:14 UTC