Plone Foundation Board Minutes May 26, 2022

Meeting called to order at 18:02 UTC



Present: Erico Andre, William Fennie, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Jens Klein, Kim Paulissen, Paul Roland

Absent: Andy Leeb (excused)

Approval of the minutes of May 12, 2022

Kim Paulissen moved to approve; Erico seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • / - expect movement after 7th June - feedback from Christin Theune
  • Plone Foundation Census
    • Andy is working on this
  • Sponsorship transition
    • Handle renewals with grace
    • Need a renewal letter before sending an invoice
  • GSOC
    • Six projects approved
      • needs news article - marketing group is working on it
    • Working with Eric B to get mechanics in place - all arranged
    • Mentors in contact with students - setting up channels - Discord standard channels with Mentors in touch
    • Students suggested to present themselves on Plone community pages
    • Thanks to Eric and Paul for coordination
    • Thanks to Beth payment mechanics

Incoming Correspondence

  • x

New Business

  • x

Continued Business

  • Contributor Agreement Digitization - Andy is not here to report - solve soon
  • Cookiecutter
    • Erico and Jens are helping with this project
    • [ Executive Session ]
  • Zope Foundation funds
    • Erico got in touch with the Python Software Foundation who referred him to Van, a lawyer on retainer
    • William followed up with details about the situation
    • No response so far
    • Next option, if no movement: Free Software Foundation, possibly

Review Ongoing

  • Buschenschank sprint
    • Image story clarified, fixed and merged
    • Image scales worked on
    • TinyMCE, improvements - see the sprint report (coming soon)
    • Makefile creation process getting going
    • Lots of commits and code created
    • Johannes will write sprint report
  • Flickr
    • Repository of choice for Plone history
    • kitconcept has donated lots of pictures
  • Trainings
    • Will post to Community for trainings available - will do so when information is available
  • Doc team very active
    • Couldn't do Cloudflare rules - but use Batch Rules instead
    • Paul will write docs to explain
  • New site for the Brasil Plone community; just getting started
    • Erico is continuing efforts to help rebuild the Brasil Plone community
  • collective.awesome-plone and collective.awesome-volto
  • Many thanks to Philip Bauer for organizing these as part of the Buschenschank sprint, and also for updating the add-ons page on

William Fennie moved to adjourn, Paul Roland seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 18:36 UTC