Foundation Member Workflow Documentation

Documentation for the Foundation Member workflow as revised November 2011.

In November 2011, Jon Stahl and Steve McMahon significantly revised and simplified the Foundation Member workflow so that it aligns with the current business rules of the Plone Foundation.   This page briefly documents this for future Foundation membership managers.

The Foundation Member workflow has the following states that correspond to possible membership status as defined in the Plone Foundation bylaws.

Active Member

An active member.

Emeritus Member

An emeritus member.  Members become emeritus by failing to renew during the annual review process.

Expired Member

Each year, all memberships expire and must be renewed or convert to emeritus status.  Plone Foundation officials should set all Approved members to Expired at the beginning of each membership renewal cycle.

Draft Application

When users begin drafting a membership application, it starts in this state.  Users can submit their application for review.

Under Review

Membership applications are in this state when they are awaiting review by the Membership Committee and Board.  The application may either be Approved, Rejected or More Information Requested, which sends the application back to Draft for further revision by the applicant.


Membership applications that have not been approved by the Membership Committee/Board.  These applications may be resubmitted if the applicant wishes to reapply.

Inactivated Member

Members may withdraw their membership.  Or the Board may Terminate active memberships.  Both transitions result in the member entering the Inactivated Member state.  It may be resubmitted.