Test Drive Plone

There are several online demo sites, allowing you to experience the look and feel of Plone as well as check out its ease of use and features.

These sites let users log in using a variety of roles so they can see the difference between what users, editors, and administrators see when working in Plone.

Plone 6 demo site

Install Plone

Before you can use Plone, you’ll need to install it.

We have packages available for installation on your own machine, or on a virtual machine for testing purposes.

Plone installation guide

Read Documentation

Read the community-maintained documentation for the current version of Plone.

From basic content creation and management up to site administration, developing your own add-ons and deploying Plone in production, we've got you covered.

Plone documentation

Get In-depth Training

The Plone community maintains a collective syllabus which is used for real-life trainings, given several times a year.

With separate sections for themers, developers and people deploying websites the training material is a very good resource on its own, although of course it is best if you can follow a hands-on training with one of the Plone trainers.

In-depth training