Sign up for Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara!

Oct. 21-27, 2019 – early bird tickets, training classes, and call for papers are LIVE

Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara is revving up! 

This is the first ever Plone conference at a UNESCO World Heritage site... not to be missed.

  • Early bird tickets are on sale now
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    • see tentative training class list and schedule below
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    • Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2019

Now is also a good time to begin making travel arrangements.

Our friendly conference organizers have provided a lovely guide to Ferrara that covers getting there, accommodations, places to eat, and things to visit.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Training Classes (tentative)

Become a Plone Power User How to effectively manage your Plone website content and use the full power of Plone Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen 1/2 day
Mastering Plone 5 Development Learn how to develop custom projects with Plone 5.2 and Python 3 using the latest best-practices Philip Bauer, Thomas Schorr, Kim Paulissen 2 days
Guillotina Getting started with Guillotina: the asyncio REST resource API Nathan 1 day
React Get started with React & Friends Rob Gietema, Roel Bruggink 1 day
Volto Create your own site using Volto Rob Gietema, Roel Bruggink 1 day
Testing Plone Learn what and how to test yout Plone products Andrea Cecchi 1/2 day
Pyramid APIs in the Real World With Pyramid and pyramid_openapi3, will will fire up a demo application. We will then introduce bugs, and demonstrate techniques for troubleshooting, debugging, and testing. From there we will extend the application to include generating reports, working with task queues for long-running processes, importing and exporting data, swapping front-ends, and a few other common use cases. Nejc Zupan and Steve Piercy 1/2 day
Volto theming hands-on: Building in Volto Expand your Volto skills by attending this hands-on training. We will be
building together the next site. We will cover Volto theming,
customization, and the required components and backend plone.restapi
endpoints to match features and look and feel.
Victor Fernandez de Alba 1/2 day
Waitress, there's a Plone in my WSGI. Can I talk to the Supervisor? How to deploy and operate Plone 5.2 on Python 3 using WSGI. Thomas Schorr 1/2 day

Tentative Schedule