Plone 6 RC 2 Released

Plone 6 Release Candicate 2 is now released - get ready for Plone 6!

Good news: the second and last release candidate of Plone 6 has arrived! The release manager for this version is Maurits van Rees (

Thank you to everyone involved!

Read more about the upcoming Plone 6 and Plone 6 FAQ.


Major changes since 6.0.0rc1:

  • None really. Lots of packages have gotten a final release, losing their alpha, beta or release candidate markers.

We are in a bugfix-only mode. An upgrade from rc1 to rc2 should be painless and is recommended for everyone.

Volto frontend

The default frontend for Plone 6 is Volto. Latest release is 16.3.0 2. See the changelog 1.
Note that this is a JavaScript frontend that you need to run in a separate process with NodeJS.
The ClassicUI is still available when you only run the Python process.

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.
This documentation is under development, but this should get you up and running. No worries.
We expect to switch to show the Plone 6 documentation sometime this week.

Final release date: December 12, 2022

Unless blocking issues are found that require more work, we expect to release Plone 6.0.0 final on December 12, 2022.

If you find any issues, blocking or not, please report them in the main issue tracker.

Try Plone 6!

For installation instructions, see the documentation.

See Plone 6 in action at

Read more at the community forum: