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TPN-official-landscape.pngA monthly podcast about Plone, the Plone community and whatever we come up with to keep you informed. We will do our best to release a new recording  at the beginning of every month.

Brought to you by Philip Bauer and Fred van Dijk.

Suggest a topic to us to include in the next episode by sending us an e-mail to one of our first names 'at' plone dot org. Or find us on Plone's Discord Server. 

We record our podcast with video and audio. You can find links to our episodes on Youtube, but we also provide an audio version on Apple Podcasts and host the audio files on ACast

Episode #11 - October 13th 2022 - 0:56 min. Recorded 2022-10-13

Sorry, no audio version available for this special episode. ;-)

This podcasts was recorded Live! at PloneConf 2022 in Namur on thursday afternoon as a closing talk for the day. We were a bit nervous but had a lot of fun recording it with a great live audience for the first time.

For the summary of what we discussed, please see the the great summary / transcription from Maurits van Rees which he published on his blog. (There are also many summaries from other talks from this and previous PloneConf's that Maurits made and published, check it out! )

Episode #10 - September 28th 2022 - 1:08 min. Recorded 2022-08-29

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 This episode we discuss:

Episode #09 - August 6th 2022 - 1:35 min. Recorded 2022-08-05

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This podcast is mostly about the first beta of Plone 6 which was just released. We discuss what is new in the backend and in the default (Volto) and classic frontends.

Other topics: