Kombinat Media Gestalter GmbH

Website http://kombinat.at
Location Dornbirn, AUT
Contact office@kombinat.at
Twitter KombinatMedia
Sponsor since 2017

KOMBINAT GmbH is a team of media designers whose expertise lies in classical and new media.

We are a flexible and creative team of media designers, specializing in PLONE and with a sound proficiency in User Interface and Web Design as well as in Web Architecture and Programming.  We have been focused on the needs of our clients and their users for more than 20 years, which has given us a profound understanding of how the web works.  PLONE is our go-to solution (software?) because it is secure, stable and scalable, especially for medium to large professional web solutions.  We see ourselves as an intermediary between technology and design, offering extensive consulting and a wide range of solutions. Our mission is to think ahead and fit the clients’ needs.

Some of Our Sites

yourSRI (Liechtenstein)
yourSRI is a global online portal designed for all kinds of SRI players. It offers quick and easy access to specific company and product information. yourSRI creates clarity and transparency in an increasingly diversified market. This site makes heavy use of custom dexterity types combined with membrane functionality. We have implemented a payment license system to make user registration valid only upon payment.