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Six Feet Up is a WBE software company that helps IT teams grow enterprise-grade web projects.

Six Feet Up is a WBE software company that helps IT teams grow enterprise-grade web projects. We have been offering Plone development, training and hosting services since 2003. Our passion for quality makes us the partner of choice for companies like NASA and UCLA.

Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company that develops, hosts and supports sophisticated open source web projects, from enterprise content management and collaborative intranets to mobile apps. Our clients include top universities and life sciences organizations, growing and distributed teams, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Six Feet Up has been a leader in Plone development, solutions and hosting since 2003.

As a company, we are heavily involved in giving back to the open source community.


Six Feet Up is focused on the development of advanced content solutions. Whether it is a complex CMS for hundreds of websites, a configuration to integrate multiple web applications, or custom app development, we’ve done it. We believe in the power, security, and scalability of Python-based applications. Our team stays on top by contributing back to open source, speaking at major conferences, and leading development workshops around the world.


Six Feet Up specializes in hosting advanced websites, intranets, and critical web applications that require a hands-on managed hosting environment. We are the largest Plone host and host the official and websites. When the people who know Plone best look for hosting, they come to Six Feet Up.

Because we offer hosting, application support, and development, we can quickly fix issues and avoid the “finger pointing slowdown”. We have servers with 100% uptime for years, and host critical applications for Fortune 100 companies. We offer state-of-the-art monitoring and system administrators on call 24/7. Our infrastructure includes redundant data centers with multi-factor security, redundant internet connectivity, and redundant cooling.


Along the way Six Feet Up has built products that extend the functionality of the Plone CMS and provide key features for our clients. Some products are made available as open source for the entire community to benefit from: Lineage, Easy Slideshow, SolrIndex, etc.

Sponsor since 2005