Twenty years of stability wrapped in a powerful, user-centric package

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The Ultimate Open Source Enterprise CMS

Plone is a content management system with unsurpassed functionality and customizability out of the box.  The entire software stack for Plone is open source.  Plone is governed by a non-profit foundation and a community of volunteers.  Plone is unique among CMSes for the many high-end features it provides out-of-the-box.

  • Industrial strength security
  • Search text, metadata, PDFs and Word documents
  • Granular permissions, roles, and groups
  • Flexible workflows
  • Accessibility standards compliant
  • Multilingual
  • Robust scalability
  • A RESTful API securely exposing Plone's features

Try Plone

You can try out Plone's powerful features and intuitive user interface, on demo sites, your own dedicated cloud server, or using the installer.

Plone 6

Get ready for the next version of Plone! Plone 6 will be the first CMS on the market that combines the advanced features, best-in-class security, and scalability of an enterprise CMS with a modern, easy-to-use and powerful front end based on the latest state-of-the art web technologies.

Plone 5

Plone's latest released version comes with Diazo theming and Dexterity content types, plus support for Python 3. It also provides a full-featured REST API that enables Plone's back end to operate as a headless CMS, powering a variety of JavaScript front ends.

Older versions of Plone are still in use in the wild, since Plone sites tend to just keep working. For a trip down memory lane you can read about the history of Plone and its older versions below.

Plone 4

The debut of a new theming engine, Diazo, the maturation of Dexterity content types, and improvements in speed and scalability.

Plone 3

New developer features like interfaces, views, subscribers and adapters, and the beginnings of Dexterity, a new content type framework.

Plone 2

An easy to use content management system gains stability and popularity, with Archetypes, a content type framework, enabling custom types.