Plone IO

A headless CMS engine delivering all of Plone's functionality through a REST API

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Go ahead ... REST on Plone IO

Whether you are

  • ...publishing one or more static websites from a single content back end using GatsbyJS
  • ...creating mobile applications from existing content
  • ...transforming editorial content into high quality print materials
  • ...building voice applications for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • ...feeding information about merchandise to an e-commerce site

You can REST assured that your application will be reliable and secure when your data is backed by Plone IO.

No matter the JAMstack, mobile or voice platform - if you use the Plone REST API, you will have our 20 year combined track record in content management to REST on.

Plone IO provides a SaaS platform allowing developers to quickly spin up their own private content back end and start building applications without the need to provision servers, databases and complex software stacks.  Simply sign in and within seconds you can start sending REST API requests to manage your content and model your application's data flows.

Build something great and REST on your laurels.

A Community Effort

The need for a complete, RESTful API allowing the decoupling of the Plone UI from the back end evolved over several years. Work started in Plone 4 and was released in Plone 5. The parallel development of Volto, Plone's React front end, ensured that the REST API had all the features needed to build a complete CMS.

Joining the Modern Web

Modern websites need a content platform that's fast, agile and scalable so it can provide multiple customized digital experiences. Plone IO brings Plone into the modern world of interoperating web applications.

Try It!

If you launch a Docker image of Plone or deploy it to Heroku, the REST API will be available for you to play with. Complete documentation is available.